Download & Installation

Download directly from the official site

Versions prior to 2.5: Unzip the installation package after downloading, and follow the prompts to install D5 Renderer. The default installation path of D5 Renderer is in C drive, user-defined installation path is supported.

The software downloads assets in the installation path by default, and after the installation is complete, it supports the migration of assets to a custom path in the "Preferences". If you don't want to migrate the assets temporarily, it is recommended to reserve a larger installation space.

Version 2.5 (Simplified installation process):

After downloading the installation package, the download and installation process will be executed automatically. Support selecting the path of the workspace in the installation interface, selecting in advance the location for storing assets, local resources and temporary files. In the permission settings, you can choose to install only for the current user or use administrator privileges to install for all users.

CMD Installation Option

D5 2.7 added a CMD installation option into the installer for IT administrators to deploy and configure automatically through scripts.

It only supports installer exe.

  1. Compatibilities

D5 2.7 and later versions


  1. How to Use

2.1 Download the Installer file

2.2 Create a new configuration file 'config.ini' in any location. Then, set InstallPath, WorkSpace, and IsForCurrentUser. Please change the '' mark into '/' when copying the windows path.


InstallPath=E:/D5 Render

File Location

2.3 Create D5Installer.bat under the same path where the installer is located. Edit the configpath as you need and the installername.


@echo off 
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

set configpath=E:/downloads/D5Config/config.ini
set installername=D5_Render_installer-pre-

echo Start to install D5 Render...
start /b /wait .\%installername% -configPath=%configpath%

set logdir=%LocalAppData%\InstallWizard\InstallWizard\logs

set filename=""
cd /d %logdir%
for /f %%a in ('dir /o-d /tc /b ') do (
    set filename=%logdir%\%%~na%%~xa
    echo Install log file path: !filename!
    if not !filename! == ""  (
        goto next
findstr /n /c:"D5 Render is installed successfully." !filename! >nul
if %errorlevel%==0 (echo D5 Render is installed successfully.) else (echo Installation failed. Please retry or check logs.)

File Location

2.4 Use CMD to run D5Installer.bat (Administrator authority is required to install for all the users) and ensure running only one Installer at the same time.

Open the Install Path and you will find all the applications are successfully installed.

  1. Index

3.1 Log File Location

The log file is located at the latest file under %LocalAppData%\InstallWizard\InstallWizard\logs.

Example: C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/InstallWizard/InstallWizard/logs/set_up_install_20240329-151046.11280

3.2 Confirming successful installation

Open the log file and you'll find 'D5 Render is installed successfully.'

3.3 Issues that might cause installation failure

  1. Config.ini doesn't exist/Configpath doesn't match.

  2. Whether InstallPath, WorkSpace, and IsForCurrentUser of Config.ini have spell errors, order errors, or unnecessary spaces.

  3. Whether Administrator authority is enabled when installing for all users.

  4. Whether there are running D5 Render applications or installers when starting installation.

  5. Visit log files for other issues.

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