How to switch between an object's own coordinates and world coordinates?

After selecting the model, you can switch between the object coordinates and world coordinates options in the coordinate axis tool located in the upper-left corner of the scene.

When you switch to world coordinates, the direction of the x, y, and z axes of the object is along the world coordinates. When the object rotates and creates an angle between it and the world coordinates, the direction of the three axes remains unchanged.

However, after switching to the object coordinates, when the object rotates, the direction of the three axes changes according to the rotation angle.

After switching between object coordinates and world coordinates, all models are uniformly set to the object or world coordinates state.

- World Coordinates: Refers to the absolute coordinate of space. The world space is the outermost space, and the concept of absolute position is similar to the latitude, longitude, and altitude in the real world.

- Object Coordinates: It is the model's independent coordinate space. Each model or object has its own front, back, left, and right directions, and rotating or moving and scaling the model cannot change its own directions.

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