Update | D5 Sync for Blender

Key words: Import model | File format | Workflow


Release date: 20240125


  • Compatible with Blender 4.0

  • Exported .d5a files support thumbnails


  • Increased sync speed

  • Improved launch speed for non-first-time Blender starts after installation


  • Fixed normal issue that some models synced into D5 being blackened or greyed in colour

  • Fixed the issue of texture anomaly when exporting .d5a to D5 after baking the same material for the same object with different resolutions.

  • Fixed the size issue of Blender 3.5 models synced to D5.

  • Fixed the issue that models were not synced to D5 after the end of sync in some scenes.

Known issues

  • Curve to Mesh node sync is not supported yet.

  • Hiding objects does not trigger incremental sync, it is recommended to use full sync.

  • If the sync is abnormal after using a modifier, it is recommended to apply the modifier before syncing.

  • When you use Alt+D or other methods to associate copied objects with sync errors, it is recommended that you select the model first, click blender Object-Relations-Make Single User-Object&Data&Materials, and then sync.


Release date: 20230731


  • Support Blender 3.6


  • Fixed the issue where some scenes could not be synchronized to D5

Known Issues

  • When using Blender 3.6, the synchronization speed of the D5 plugin is about 3 times slower than other versions.


Release date: 20230221


  1. Support Blender 3.4

  2. Support mapping the cloth material template in D5 Render

  3. Support D5 Render 2.4

  4. Optimized baking algorithm


  1. Auto-UV baking error

  2. Material failed to bake when the file name has characters unsupported by Windows OS

  3. Wrong size of sync-ed rectangular lights.

  4. Material failed to bake when some models were deleted.


Release date: 20221108


  1. Blender 2.93LTS/3.0/3.1/3.2/3.3LTS supported

  2. One-click installer

  3. New UI and interactive experience

  4. Supported materials: Principled BSDF、Glass BSDF、Emission、Diffuse BSDF.

  5. Incremental synchronization of models, materials, lights, and cameras.

  6. Live sync of the viewports.

  7. Export certain selected objects.

  8. Supported texture formats: .png/.jpg/.bmp/.jpeg/.tiff/.tif/.tga.

  9. Ignore unsupported nodes and sync textures directly.

Currently unsupported:

  1. Curves. Please convert curves into meshes then start sync. (Select the model-Object-Convert-Mesh)

  2. Geometry Nodes, curves of Cycles, Modifiers with multiple frames. (only one frame can be synchronized)

  3. Rotation in UV mapping. (Only X and Y axes of Location and Scale in Blender can be synchronized)

  4. Models or lights from instancing empties.

  5. Displacement nodes. (We can use modifiers to make displacement effects instead)

  6. Node Groups. (It is recommended to link principled BSDF and then bake them)

  7. Copies of baked models need to be baked again before sync.

  8. Shape keys.

Known issue

  1. The UI language change will not take effect until Blender reboots.

  2. If the textures are baked totally black, please send the Blender file to support@d5techs.com.

  3. Hiding or unhiding objects cannot activate the Sync button.

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