Update | D5 Sync for Archicad


Release date: 20231012

New and Improvement

  • Support Archicad 27

  • Refactoring of the incremental synchronization function

  • Optimization of the .d5a export function

  • Optimization of the installation package


  • Fixed the issue of synchronization crashes in some scenes

  • Fixed the issue of abnormal light synchronization in some scenes

  • Fixed the issue where the base color texture in some scenes could not be synchronized

  • Fixed the issue of abnormal texture UV display after synchronization in some scenes

Known issues

  1. Material synchronization only supports basic engine

  2. Simultaneous rotation and scaling effects of texture UV are not supported for synchronization

  3. Occasional lag in Archicad when restarting D5 in linked state (It is recommended to manually closing D5 Sync and re-linking)


Release date: 20230727

New and Improvement

  • A brand new UI

  • Version information added to the menu bar

  • Archicad 25/26 Solo version supported


  • Material overlapping after syncing from Archicad


Release date: 20230221

New and Improvement

  • A brand new UI

  • Optimized wording of the Settings window

  • Optimized auto-update notification

  • AMD graphics cards supported


  • Clicking on Sync too quickly caused the software to crash

  • Switching among 3D and other views cut off the live sync

Ver. 0.5.2

Release date: 2022.8.2

New and Improvement

  • Support Archicad 26


  • Material loading error under some special conditions

  • D5 Crashes when synchronizing some special large scenes.

Ver. 0.5.0

Release date: 2022.4.27

New and Improvement

  • Support Archicad 25 Solo and 2021 SE (Start Edition) version

  • Optimize the interaction in the live sync when clicking Sync or Cancel mutilple times


  • Settings window and textures displays incorrectly in some languages.

  • Fix the problem when exported file name is blank.

  • Correct the synchronized camera postions.

  • Archicad files can only Save as after connecting to D5.

  • Sync error after exporting .d5a files.

  • Textures get lost during the sync after models are hided then unhided .

  • Texture changes do not sync to D5 correctly.

Ver. 0.4.0

Release date: 2021.12.24


  • Support Archicad 25


  • Better performance on flat curved surface

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