How to make the emissive effect of the material?

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In the custom material template, turning on the emissive switch will make the material produce a glowing effect.


Pull the widget to control the intensity. You can also use a texture map to define the brightness.

Emissive colour

The specific emissive color can be any RGB color, or a specified color temperature.

Cast Shadow

"Cast Shadow" controls whether the emissive effect participates in the calculation of illumination (specifically, diffuse light). After choosing this option, the emissive material will be visible in the reflection of the camera and other materials, but it will no longer produce shadows and light bounces.

Why does the Emissive effect have irregular light spots?

Please check in the scene if the self-luminous object has overlapping faces with the surrounding models.

During preview, if the emissive object is coplanar with the model, it will produce light spots; adjust the model so that they are not coplanar, the emissive effect can be displayed normally.

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