How to view and optimize graphics card usage?

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View graphics card usage

  • Open Task Manager - Performance - GPU - View Dedicated GPU Memory Usage

  • Windows' own video memory detection data may not be accurate, we recommend using GPU-Z.

Detecting the sensor - memory used parameter can help with better video memory management.

If your dedicated GPU memory usage has reached 80% and above, the core advantage of the graphics card has decreased and will be in an unstable state; at this time, D5 may lag or render slower, and there may be pop-ups reporting errors or flashbacks.

Optimize graphics memory usage

The following settings are available for optimization:

  • Start D5 Render with administrator privileges and restart your computer. The program will automatically modify the TDR values, which can improve the stability to a great extent.

  • Turn on DLSS.

  • Depth of field, Tyndall effect, and other settings can take up a lot of video memory, so use your discretion.

  • Higher resolution mapping will also take up video memory, you can replace the mapping of materials farther away from the camera with a lower resolution mapping and try to avoid using replacement.

  • More reflective scenes will reduce efficiency, you can turn the specular of materials far from the camera to 0 to cancel the reflection.

  • Windows' own GPU usage data may not be accurate, we recommend using GPU-Z. Check the sensor-memory used parameter for better memory management.

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