What types of light sources are offered by D5?

D5 Render provides four types of light sources: Point Light, Spotlight, Strip Light, and Rect Light.

Click the corresponding icon button in the navigation bar to place it in the scene, or use the shortcut keys 1, 2, 3, and 4 to quickly place the Point Light, Spotlight, Strip Light, and Rect Light respectively.

Overview of light source types

Point Light

Point Light emits light in a similar way to real-world light bulbs, from a point in space, emitting light uniformly in all directions.


Spotlight emits light from a single point in space, projecting it into a specific conical angle.

The default state is emitting light evenly within the cone. You can also use an ies file to control the distribution of light. D5 Render has 6 built-in ies templates, and you can also import custom .ies light source description files.

Strip Light

Strip-shaped rectangular lights can be further adjusted in length and width, using barn door parameters to control the directionality of the light.

Rect Light

Rect Light of specified width and height sizes is used to complement or simulate illuminated objects in any rectangular area, e.g., top lighting fixtures, etc.

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