Why do models become displaced after replacement/update?

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After importing the model, click the "Sync Coordinates" immediately. Then, if you update the model, even the overall range (bounding box) of the model changes, the model will remain in place. If the D5 converter is used in the sync workflow, there will be no displacement issues.

The reason for the issue:

The coordinates of the model that is imported directly into D5 is set to the default point A at the bottom center of the model. If the overall range(bounding box) of the model is changed after replacement, the position of the coordinate axis will be recalculated and changed to point B, which can cause displacement issues.

By clicking the "Sync Coordinates" after selecting the model, the model will be restored to its absolute modeling coordinate position.

For example, if you have three models, a square, a circle, and a rectangle, and the coordinate origin of the models is at point A (D5's coordinate axis is set to the bottom center of the model by default). If you delete the rectangle, the coordinate origin of the model will change to point B.

If you align the coordinate axis at this time, the models will move.

This is why the position of the model changes even though the coordinate position remains the same. By using the "Sync Coordinates", the model will be moved to the position of the coordinates in the modeling software.

If you make changes to the model at this time (with the little tiger as the reference object), the position of the model will not be displaced anymore!

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