What is the difference between a material template and a library preset material?

Material template

Material templates are some general material types preset by the D5 renderer. It can simplify the parameters of the material and reduce the learning threshold of the material system.

Material templates are customised by default and contain the most commonly used basic parameters. The drop-down list can be changed to other materials such as Transparent, Water, Car Paint, Replacement, Cloth, Custom Alpha and Multimedia, etc.

You can quickly assign materials to their corresponding categories to simplify the material editing process. Different material templates have different adjustable parameters.

Library preset material

Preset materials are the large number of materials available to the user in the library.

After selecting the desired material in the material library and downloading it, you can directly apply the selected material to your scene. The downloaded preset material already contains material maps and adjusted material parameters, so you can apply it in your scene directly.

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