Workflow | D5 LiveSync for Rhino

Supports livesync of edits to models, materials, and other data in Rhino without the need for manual updates.

Supported Version

  • D5 Render 2.7 and later versions

  • Rhino 6.1 and later versions

Download and Installation

  • Click to Download

  • Installation Steps

    • Double-click the ‘.exe’ file and follow the installation instructions.


Connect to the D5 Render

  • One-click to launch D5 Render from Rhino and sync the currently open project in Rhino to the D5 scene.

Click to start livesync

  • Click ‘Click to start/stop livesync’ button to stop real-time synchronization of model and material changes in Rhino to D5. Clicking the button again will resume real-time linkage.

Sync rhino view to D5 Render

  • ’Sync rhino view to D5 Render ‘ is enabled by default after synchronization, maintaining consistent viewports between Rhino and D5 Render for real-time synchronization of viewpoints.

  • Supports one-click enable/disable for Viewports linkage.

Sync camera views to D5 scene list

  • One-click sync of camera views from Rhino to the D5 scene list

  • Supports all camera views in NamedViews

Sync light types and parameters (Non-real-time)

  • One-click sync of lights from Rhino to D5

  • Supports syncing of spotlights, point lights, rect lights, and strip lights


  • Select ‘Uninstall Program - Uninstall D5 LiveSync for Rhino’ from the Start menu for one-click uninstallation.

Help and Support

  • If you encounter any questions while using the Rhino-D5 workflow, you can create a post in the D5 official forum under #d5-converter to interact with other users and receive official technical support.

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