What is a drs file?

Click "Menu" -> File -> Save to save your model as a project file, which can be easily opened and viewed again. You can choose any location to store your project files. As with other common file data, you can manage your D5 Render project files locally, or package them up, copy them to other devices, and send them to others.

*.drs file is a D5 Render-specific format and is only supported to be opened by D5 Render. In addition to the *.drs file, the project file contains other folders that are necessary for project files.

*.drs file can be opened directly by double-clicking to launch D5 Render directly, or the .drs project file can be opened via the Open option on the Welcome page after launching D5 Render.

When packing or copying project files, please copy all the file data under the project file folder, including drs, in order to use it properly in D5 Render. Otherwise, the file will be corrupted and cannot be opened or opened without the project file.

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