Navigation Mode

The Navigation mode in the upper right corner is divided into two types: "Orbit" and "Fly".
  • Orbit:The camera moves around the object in the center of the screen with a combination of the mouse wheel, right click, and Shift key.
  • Fly:Use the right mouse button with the WASD on the keyboard to Use the center of the screen as a moving target.
Hold the scroll wheel
Free movement according to the center of the screen
Free movement
Scroll wheel
Move the camera according to the position of the mouse
Move the camera back and forth to the center of the screen
Right mouse button
Camera moves around the center of the screen
Fixed camera position, change the direction of view
Hold down the left and right mouse button
Move the camera up and down
Move the camera back and forth and left and right
Move the camera up and down
Shift + Right mouse button
Panning camera

Parameter Adjustment

  • Movement speed: In Fly mode, when the camera is moving by shortcuts, the speed will gradually increase with a certain acceleration if Shift is kept pressed , which can be increased to 20 times at most; holding down Space will slow down the movement to 0.5 times at most.
  • Eye level: Adjusts the vertical height of the camera from the horizontal plane of the scene origin coordinates.
  • Roll: Controls the rotation angle of the camera in the horizontal direction.
In "Fly" mode, use the shortcut key Shift to speed up movement x4 andSpaceto slow down movement speed.
In "Orbit" mode, the speed is not adjustable. The speed of movement is related to the distance between camera and the object in the scene, the closer the distance, the slower the movement speed, the farther the distance, the faster the movement speed.