Other common issues

1. Why is the imported HDRI blurry?

High-definition HDRI takes up more resources when previewing, so the HDRI is compressed to 2k by the D5 when previewing to ensure that accurate lighting is provided.

The image output is based on the actual size of the imported HDRI.

The HDRI is also compressed to 2K/4K/8K for video.

2. Why does it prompt " Failed to load HDRI"?

Custom HDRIs imported into the D5 renderer need to be standard size files.

Common sizes:



2048 × 1024

4096 × 2048

8192 × 4096

Large HDRIs take longer to import and will take longer to render out.

Recommended HDRI download site: Poly Haven

3. Why are there two angles of shadow in the scene?

In some HDRIs the sun is visible and already produces clear shadows. If custom sun direction is ticked, it is possible to have this "heavy shadow" problem in certain cases, because there is already a sun in the original HDRI.

The following is recommended for adjusting the sky:

  1. Enable Follow HDRI. Make the sun's altitude and azimuth auto-follow the sun in the HDRI. Adjust the angle of the sun by rotating the HDRI.

  2. Replace the HDRI with one that does not have the sunlight effect (i.e. one that is more balanced in brightness). This will not produce more noticeable shadows, and this time use simulated parallel sunlight will allow you to make more controlled shadows.

  3. Use Geo and Sky. Geo-Sky has fewer parameters controllable for the sun compared to HDRI, and is based on real geographic information to determine the sun's orientation and light changes.

4. How to adjust the Tyndall effect/volume light?

In the second item of the "Environment" panel on the right sidebar, find "Weather" > select "Fog" > enable the "Volume Light" button.

  • Volume Light: The Tyndall effect is a phenomenon in which light is scattered by particles in the air, allowing pathways of light to be seen.

  • Scattering: Controls the scattering distribution of the Volume Light scattering effect. The default value is 0 for a uniformly light fog, adjusting it to 1 will make the fog brighter from the direction of the light source.

5. How do I achieve the effect of no precipitation but having standing water/snow?

Turn on precipitation in Environment - Weather, adjust the precipitation strength to 0, and then increase the puddle parameter appropriately:

The effect of water on the ground can also be achieved with a custom transparency map.

6. Why custom HDRI/LUT file import is not working?

This will occur if the file path of the custom HDRI/LUT file contains special characters. It is recommended that the HDRI/LUT file be placed under an English path.

7. Why scenes lose HDRI thumbnails?

There are two cases that can occur in the current version:

  • Load an old archive and that archive uses the D5 inbuilt HDRI - Pure White;

  • Download the HDRI from the D5 Clip Library - HDRI and import its local cache.

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