There are several different ways to add models to your D5 project.

Direct Import

D5 Render can load these file formats directly: .skp / .fbx / .d5a / 3dm / .abc.

Start a New Project from the Welcome Page, or click on the "Import" button in the navigation bar, select the file you want to import in the folder. You can select multiple model files to import at the same time.

You can also import models and create projects directly by selecting "Open" from the Welcome page. If the model contains a camera or scene tab, this information is imported together and added to the D5 scene list.

The imported model will be automatically added to the list of imported models, click on it and wait for it to finish loading, then you can put it into the scene and use it.

.abc dynamic format, only supports importing from the navigation bar, does not support opening from the Welcome Page.

Assets Model

Click the Assets button to open the D5 Asset Library, which contains materials, interior and exterior models, and particles, which can be added directly to the scene after download. View Assets.

Sync from Plugin

After downloading and installing the plugin, sync the model directly from the modeling software to D5 Render. View Workflow plugins.

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