What's in the D5 online assets library?

Online assets library contains models, materials, particles and HDRI four categories. The assets are all stored in the cloud and need to be downloaded before being used in the project, and are updated irregularly. When the category in the library and the name of the asset are long, hover over the text to display the full name.

The asset is downloaded to the installation path by default, if you need to migrate to another directory, you can change it in the preference settings.

Search Feature

Searching by tags

When typing keywords in the search bar and selecting a tag from the results, only the selected tag content will be displayed. When typing keywords in the search bar and directly pressing the Enter key, all relevant tag content will be displayed.

Searching by category names

Enter the category name in the search bar, then click ‘Go to [XX] category’ to jump to the category directly.


  • Fuzzy search auto removes spaces before and after the input text and makes the space between the text and the serial number a non-necessary requirement for the query.

  • The search feature of the Local library is consistent with that of the Online library.


D5 Render's Material Library provides excellent quality PBR material presets, which can be used by clicking to download.

The materials are classified according to the commonly used categories, click the preset materials under different categories, wait for the download to be completed, select the material, move the mouse to the material that needs to be replaced in the scene, and click the mouse again to replace it.

In the "Basic Material" category of the material library, some common basic materials are placed, which can be used as the basic templates of some special materials for quick editing.


In the model library, according to common categories, a large number of plants, vehicles, characters and decals are available for download by clicking on them. All models are available to Pro users. When a model is grey, it means that it is only available to Pro users.

Among them, the dynamic model supports playing control, which can be customised to control the playing progress of the model's own animation, and supports setting the play mode, play speed, frame offset and animation range.


It can be used as a single model in a scene, or it can be batch-painted in a scene using the plant tool. Most of the models follow the wind system to simulate the dynamic effects of the plants, while a few are 2D models that are always orientated towards the camera screen.

Characters and vehicles

Most of them are 3D dynamic models that show their movements when the display mode is switched to dynamic, or when they are in video mode and given keyframes. A few are 2D models that are always orientated towards the camera frame, which satisfies the needs of basic graphics.

Interior Parallax

Including commercial, residential, office windows and other parallax window assets, support for adjusting the overall brightness and light source switch, but also free to control the depth of the accessory elements and display state and other effects, can quickly enrich the architectural effect, eliminating the cumbersome work of building the interior.


Currently, it contains 154 decal assets, including road signs, damaged walls, water stains, graffiti and other types, which can be placed on any model surface in the scene.

Decals support modification of sizes, including the flat size of the decal itself and the range of influence of the projection.

The projection direction of the decal defaults to the positive X-axis direction. Objects within the decal's bounding box are affected by its projection.

It supports custom editing. After placing the decal assets in the scene, they can be edited in the right sidebar.

It supports the layer sorting function. By using the "Bring to Front" and "Send to Back" options, different decals can be sorted and adjusted in layers. Note that the current rain/snow effect in D5, which is also implemented using the decal technique, will participate in the layer-sorting effect of the decal model.


Particles are all dynamic models, including fires, fluids, falling leaves, etc., and are used in the same way as model assets.


It supports searching and selecting HDRI assets directly from the library. Apply them to the current scene with a single click after downloading.

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