Interface language can be changed in Menu > Preference > General. English and Chinese are supported.
Change will take effect the next time you start D5 Render.

Auto Save

Auto Save setting is in Menu > Preference > General. This widget is enabled by default, and you can set the auto-save interval manually.
Automatic save project also can open history version from menu file. Go to Menu > File > View history version, and you can open three most recent projects that were saved automatically.
To configure Auto Save, please save the project first. Auto Save will not be activated until the projects are saved.

Assets Storage

In the Menu > Preference settings, you can set the location where the assets are stored.
Support for setting up Online Asset Libraries, Local Asset Libraries, and custom storage locations for HDR / LUT / IES files and some temporary files.
Current Location: The current location of the Asset storage, if no change is made, the default is under the software installation path.
New Location: Select a new storage location and migrate existing assets. Migration will take some time, so please be patient if there are many local assets.
  1. 1.
    The migration settings for the Local Asset Library were moved here.
  2. 2.
    If you need to migrate your Online Asset Library and other assets to a new location, you will need to reset the storage location.


In Menu > Preference > Shortcuts, the shortcut keys can be customized according to your usage habits to match the usual workflow.
Custom Shortcuts :Common operations such as view movement, switching navigation mode and various tools are all supported. Some functions reserve blank keys, which can be customized directly. Click the input box, press the key to be used, and then press Enter to modify it successfully. We can also restore one to the default or restore all. If there is a shortcut key conflict during setting, right click the mouse to cancel.
Notice: The Numeric keypad and the typing keys are separated in this update, and we can set different shortcuts for them separately. The numeric keys on numpad(1, 2, 3, 4) are no longer set to add lights by default.