What materials are the Foliage templates suitable for? What are the special parameters?

The leaves of real plants have such characteristics: If you look at the overlapping leaves against the light, you can see that the parts of the back of the leaves that are exposed to direct sunlight are brighter, and the parts that are shaded by other leaves are darker.

Other sheet materials, such as paper, have a similar effect. That is, you can see the change of light and shadow on the back side of the material on the front side.

There are only two special parameters for the Foliage material:

  • Opacity Map: Use map to control the hollow effect of the material.

  • Opacity Intensity: Control the light transmission of the sheet material, the value of 0, the material does not transmit light, the value of 1, the light transmission effect becomes maximum.

All the Vegetation in the D5 Asset library use the Foliage material template to ensure the realism of the leaves.

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