What is the correct naming convention when importing PBR maps with one click?

The PBR material system contains two sets of workflows, the metallic/roughness system and the specularity/glossiness system, which D5 supports belongs to the metallic/roughness workflow. The texture imported by the user should conform to the suffix naming rules of this workflow in order to correctly identify the material effect.

The Metallic/Roughness workflow mapping suffix naming and mapping slot corresponding rules are as follows:

  • [ Base color ] slot:_color(_col) /_base color /_basecolor /_albedo

  • [ Specular ] slot:_specularLevel

  • [ Metallic ] slot:_metallic / _ metalness

  • [ Normal ] slot:_normal(_nrm) /_bump

  • [ roughness ] slot:_roughness(_rough)

  • [ AO ] slot: _ambient occlusion(_ao)

  • [ Opacity] slot:_opacity

  • [ Height ] 贴图槽:_displacement(_disp)/_height

Other mapping suffixes may cause incorrect effects or failure to import, so please correct them yourself. Among them, the normal mapping format used by D5 is Direct X.

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