How to use lut?

Use the LUT (Look-Up-Table) colour look-up table to calibrate or adjust the screen colours.

The LUT function is turned off by default. Enabling the switch will use the D5's default LUTs.

There are five D5 default LUTs, which can be switched in the drop-down menu to correspond to different colour representations.


This parameter is used to control the degree of influence of the LUT on the original picture, the default value is 1, the LUT colour mixing effect reaches the strongest. Pull the control to the left to reduce the value, you can weaken the LUT colour mixing effect, the intensity value is 0, the original image will be displayed.

Click "+Custom LUT" in the drop-down menu to import a 3D LUT file in .cube format.

Custom imported LUT files will be saved to the "customlut" folder under the Workspace path of D5 Render, click on the folder icon to quickly access this path to manage custom LUT files:

You can switch between "Default" and "Custom" categories in the drop-down menu:

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