D5 Converter-Blender Plugin
D5 Converter-Blender is an export plugin to help D5 users export all scenes or single models from Blender. The exported d5a model file contains Blender material information and can be directly imported into D5 Render for rendering.

Download and Installation

Supported versions: Blender 2.8.2 and 2.8.3 LTS versions
Current plugin version: 0.6.0
You can download the latest version on the official website, or download from the Welcome Page > Workflow.


The Add-ons section lets you manage secondary scripts, called “Add-ons” that extends Blender’s functionality.
To install the D5 Converter plugin, use the Install... button and then use the file browser to select the plugin file.
After the plugin is installed, it will not be automatically enabled. Find "D5Converter" in the Community and check the checkbox to enable the plugin.
The search box will automatically adjust to the name of the newly installed plugin (to avoid searching).
More plugin installation questions can be found at:​

Feature Instructions

  • Export Selection: You can choose to export the whole scene or a single model.
  • PBR material support: Most of the materials made by the PBR workflow in blender support direct rendering in D5 Render (e.g. Extreme PBR)
  • Optional Bake: Bake export can be selected if needed to retain maximum material information.
  • Custom texture resolution: support up to 4K texture export.
  • Smart object optimization: most modifiers and instances can be exported without loss.
  • Automatic Upgrade