How to use Projector Widget?

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Go to Menu > Preference > Widget, and you can check what you have installed, click to toggle on/off and manage your widgets.

Go to Menu > Preference > Widget to activate Projector, and insert it into the scene from Navigation bar > Add lights

Projector is a new type of light source which has a rectangular projection effect. It supports image formats including jpg/png/bmp and video formats including mp4/avi/wmv. After adding a projector to the scene, we can adjust its parameters in Inspector.

  • Video: Customized pattern can be uploaded to determine the projection screen.

  • Intensity: The luminous intensity of the light source in cd (candela), the maximum brightness can be entered 8000000.

  • Cone Angle: Control the cone angle range of the projector's light emitting cone. The cone angle parameter allows you to control the feedback of the projection pattern.

  • Attenuation Radius: Limit the range of influence of the light source. Within this range, the light fades according to the normal inverse square law, and beyond this range, the light calculation stops.

  • UV: Control the position or size of the image or video within the projection.

  • Haze: To create a Haze effect, we need to turn on Volume Light in Environment - > Weather - > Fog beforehand.


1.Why are the Stage Lights effect abnormal?

The maximum number of the Stage Light/Projector is 64, if it exceeds the change limit it may cause abnormal preview or output effect.

2.Why the specular reflection Stage Light/Projector effect is not shown in the rendering result?

This effect is not supported in the current version and will be supported in subsequent versions.

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