The options contain 4 settings, the first three control the display of carriers in the scene and the last one is used to display the composition lines.
The carriers in the scene are: light carrier, particle carrier, and path carrier. The carriers are shown by default, click the icon, and a slash appears to indicate that the carrier of that type is hidden in the scene.
Shortcut L can hide all three carriers at the same time with one click.
The composition line currently divides the frame into three equal parts to assist in the composition of the image.


The Display Modes are divided into Lit, Wireframe and Clay Model.
  • "Lit" is the default mode, with a real-time preview of all materials and lights.
  • "Wireframe" mode shows only edge lines in the scene, and this mode does not support rendering.
  • "Clay Model" mode overrides the material with white material, which makes it easier to emphasize the volume of the model and observe the lighting.
The "Realtime" button controls whether to preview the motion of dynamic elements in the scene. For example: cloud movement, vegetation wind movement, character animation, etc.

Preview Quality

The Preview Quality is the quality of the preview image in the current window. The different preview qualities only represent the results of the current temporary rendering, not the quality of the final rendering. The final rendering quality is always the best result, independent of the quality of this preview.
  • When the preview quality is "High", the real-time preview is automatically enabled.
  • When the preview quality is "Low" or "Middle", clicking "Render Preview" or pressing F12 will temporarily render the current image to get close to the final rendering quality.
For computers with RTX graphics cards, you can select "High Quality" for a better experience.
Preview Quality
Preview Results
All ray tracing features are turned on in real time, and after a short automatic convergence, physically realistic results are obtained.
Turn off reflections, shadows and other ray tracing features, and click on the Render Preview button to get physically realistic results.
Efficiency first, turn off most ray tracing features, and click on the Render Preview button to get physically realistic results.