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Supported versions

Support for Blender 2.93LTS / 3.0/ 3.1 / 3.2 / 3.3LTS/3.4/3.5/3.6

Download & Installation

Installation steps:

  1. Download the installation package via the link: D5_Converter_Blender_xxxx.exe

  2. Close Blender and run the installer D5_Converter_Blender_xxxx.exe by double clicking it.

  3. After successful installation, open Blender - Edit - Preferences - Plugins - enter D5 in the search field, find D5 Converter, make sure the version is the latest version and select Preferences 663×555 52.7 kb

  4. The D5 Converter interface can be seen by expanding the arrow on the right side of the view window in Blender.


  • D5 Renderer interface language follows Blender language by default.

  • If the D5 Render path is not selected in the plugin panel when enabled, the last launched D5 renderer will be opened automatically during sync.

Feature Introduction

Model/Material Sync

  • Click " Sync " to start D5 Reder in Blender with one click and sync the current Blender model and materials to D5 Reder to start real-time rendering.

  • When a model file needs to be changed in the middle of a rendering project, sync can be turned on to create a link to the original model or to replace it with a new one.

  • Current material support: Principled BSDF, Glass BSDF, Self-illuminated, Diffused BSDF

Incremental sync

  • Once the model/material has been changed in Blender, use the Sync button to quickly sync the changed model and material to the D5 render, while preserving other parameters such as material and scene that have already been adjusted in the D5.

Cameras sync

  • Click "Send Camera" to sync the camera list in Blender to the scene list in D5 render with one click.

  • Sync camera with names and groups is not supported yet.

Light sync

  • Click the "Send Lights" button after starting sync to sync point light, daylight, spot light and area lights from Blender to the D5 render.

  • The corresponding light types and the synced light parameters:

BlenderD5 Supported light parameters

Point light

Point light

name, location, illumination


Spot light

name, location, illumination

Spot light

Spot light

name, location, illumination

Area light

Rect light

name, location, illumination, size, shape(Square; Rectangle)


  • Light groups, light colours and spot radius, face light shapes (disc; oval) are not supported now

  • Light brightness does not support incremental sync, first sync is supported.

View sync

  • Click " View Sync " to keep the same viewport of Blender and D5 render in any viewpoint, so as to achieve the real-time sync between D5 viewpoint and Blender.

  • Support one-click to enable or disable view sync.

Export d5a

  • D5 renderer doesn't support direct reading .blend files, you can use D5 Converter-Blender to convert to .d5a file and then import it directly.

  • Supports exporting only selected objects or the whole file.

Material bake

  • For complex material nodes or Blender's procedural textures, you can use the bake function to bake them into simple maps and then sync them to D5 or export a .d5a file.

  • Support baking all materials, or select some materials for baking, and sync the full/incremental baking result to D5 or export .d5a file.

  • Supports selection of material map resolution (256, 512, 1k, 2k, 4k) for baking.

  • Auto uv: Intelligent UV projection during baking, it is recommended to tick this option.

  • Supports selection of two bake configurations by default: D5 converter's built-in bake configuration current; Blender's current Cycles configuration.

  • Default: D5 converter's built-in baking configuration

  • Current: Blender's current Cycles configuration

  • Support for selecting the material output directory for baked files (Edit - Preferences - Plugins - D5 Converter - Baking - Global Settings)


  • Open Blender - Edit - Preferences - Plugins - enter D5 in the search field, find D5 Converter, select it and click Remove.

  • Choose Uninstall Program - Uninstall D5 Converter for Blender from the Start menu.

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