What is Studio Cloud Space?

D5 Studio is a cloud workspace in D5. In D5 Studio, users can precipitate personal knowledge-based assets to enhance productivity and creativity. All data in D5 Studio is stored in the cloud and associated with a D5 account. Even if you change devices or work off-site, you can easily access all the resources in the cloud space.

In the upper left corner of the interface, next to the assets library, there is a new entry for D5 Studio.

Studio currently supports Effect, Brush and Path presets. Just fill in relevant information after creating a preset, and it can be quickly saved to your personal cloud space.

Effect preset

In the right-click menu of the scene list, select "Create Preset", fill in the preset name, you can store the environment and post parameters of the current scene as a preset in Studio. The same preset parameters can be reused in other projects with one click, just open Studio, click the preset, and then you can apply the effect to a new scene.

Brush preset

In the Brush toolbar in the lower left corner of the assets library, you can save the set brush parameters to Studio.

Path preset

Select the corresponding path in the scene or resource list, and click the "Create Preset" button in the right sidebar of the Path tool to record the parameters of the current path.

D5 Curated

D5 Curated is an independent section in D5 Studio, which contains preset resources created by a group of excellent designers and design teams invited by D5. D5 Curated will be updated continuously to help users create high-quality scenes with ease.


  1. Community accounts currently support saving 5 presets and do not support the use of D5 Curated Presets. 2. Professional accounts currently support 10G of preset file storage and support the use of D5 Curated Presets.

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