How to add a custom outro in D5?

Key words: Sky and Weather

You can add an exterior scene in D5 in the following way:


Internal HDRI

The D5 render has a number of different HDR panoramic environment maps built in for different atmospheres.

Note: The "Pure White" HDRI background will be adjusted to grey by auto exposure when the auto exposure option is turned on. If you want a "Pure White" background, you will need to control the exposure manually.

Customize HDRI

Click "+Customize HDR" in the drop-down menu to load hdr files (currently hdr and exr formats are supported).

Note: Currently D5 also supports loading low dynamic range jpg files. LDR images can also provide a background reflective environment and some lighting, just not as realistic as HDR.

Custom imported HDR files are saved by default to the "customhdr" folder in the D5 Render installation path. Click on the folder icon to quickly access this path and manage your custom HDR files:

You can switch between "Defult" and "Custom" categories in the drop-down menu.

Parameter adjustment


Overall control of the brightness of the HDRI image, which affects the lighting of the scene.

Note: If Auto Exposure is turned on, it will always compensate for changes in overall brightness, making the adjustment of this parameter less effective:

  • Skylight: Adjusts the effects of light and material diffuse reflections individually. Does not affect material reflections.

  • Background: Adjust the brightness and darkness of the background individually. Affect the material reflection.


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