Update | D5 Sync for Revit

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What’s New


Release date: 2024.5.16

New and Optimization

  • Supports Revit 2025

  • The models exported in groups will automatically synchronize their relative positions when placed in D5, without the need for manual coordinate synchronization

Ver. 0.4.6

Release date: 2023.8.4


  • Supported Settings Modification During Sync

  • Supported Warning Upon Phase/Phase Filter Changing


  • Enhanced User Experience Upon Sync With Revit Links Popup Menu

  • Enhanced Materials Handling

  • Enhanced Emissive Material

  • Enhanced Phase/Phase Filter Changes Handling


  • Fixed Color Filters With Revit Links

  • Fixed Missing Decals With Revit Links

Ver. 0.4.5

Release date: 2023.4.10


  • Support Revit 2024

  • Support Color Filters That Assigns Material Colors By Filters Surface Pattern

  • Support Separated Export To Manage Elements Separately If Required


  • Fixed Installation Not Showing Revit Versions For Some Devices

Ver. 0.4.2

Release date: 2022.11.28


  • Supported AMD and Intel Graphics Cards

  • Supported Emissive Material Color

  • Supported Imported Symbols Textures


  • Enhanced Exporting Performance

  • Enhanced Materials Default Values

  • Enhanced Update Notification Only When User Uses D5 Exporter

  • Enhanced Naming Of Separated Categories and Light Groups

  • Enhanced Skybox Automatic Handling With Huge Survey Points


  • Fixed Installation Error When Revit Install Path Is Not Found

  • Fixed Date Issue Conflict With Other Plugins

  • Fixed Model-In-Place of Topography Category Issue

  • Fixed Decal Regression Due to Revit 2023 API

  • Fixed Revit Links Not Syncing If Turned Off then Toggled On From Visibility Graphics

Ver. 0.3.9

Release date: 2022.5.31


  • Support Revit 2023


  • Fix the incompatiblity with BuildMaster


  • Keep the last time settings of separate categories

  • Enhance the performance

Ver. 0.3.7

Release date: 2022.3.14


  • Fixed Network Texture Detection

  • Fixed Glossiness Value In Some Appearance Assets


  • Enhanced Decal Handling

  • Enhanced Additional Render Paths Detection

Ver. 0.3.6

Release date: 2021.12.23


  • Supported Instance Light Sources Parameters

  • Supported Opacity Maps

  • Supported Bump and Opacity for Decals


  • Fixed Minor Issue With Some Missing Elements in Revit Links

  • Fixed Missing Materials When Using Small Section Boxes

  • Language Independent Integration for Lighting and Material Export


  • Full Decals Re-Syncing Stability

  • Ability to Handle Revit Projects That Are Far From Internal Origin

Ver. 0.3.3

Release date: 2021.10.10


  • Support Revit 2022

  • Support Section Boxes Changes

  • Support Temporary Hidden Elements

  • Support Views Detail Level Changes

  • Support Displaced Elements

  • Support All Types of Lights in Revit

  • Support Consistent Colors Mode

  • Support Group Materials By Assets

  • Support Smoothness Level Control

  • Support Material Changes

  • Support Separate Links Syncing

  • Support Separate Category Syncing


  • Fixed Additional Textures Detection

  • Fixed All Problems Related to Loosing Sync

  • Fixed Different Faulty Messages Issues

  • Fixed Light Position Issues With Survey Point

  • Fixed Material Data Loss Issues


  • Enhanced Exporting Speed

  • Enhanced Materials Translation

  • Enhanced UV Texture Mapping

  • Enhanced Translated Light Source Position Logic

  • Enhanced Settings Menu and Export Menu Consistency

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