Why are plant shadows discontinuous in specific resolutions' outputs while preview is normal?

If the ↓ output effect occurs, use the D5 client version after 2.5.2 and modify the relevant parameters to solve this phenomenon. (If you are not sure whether you can use this solution, please contact us for specific confirmation or operation.)


Preview is normal, but output of a specific resolution image or a specific video clip appears to have plant shadows truncated.

Operating procedure

  1. Save a backup of the current abnormal scene and exit D5.

  2. Find the Engine.ini file under the corresponding Config path. Config path: %localappdata% d5_immerse/Saved/Config/

  • The "Administrator" in the screenshot is the window system user name, which may be different for each user;

  • AppData is a hidden folder, you need to tick the hidden items in [View/Hide].

  • The Config path generally shows only the folder named Windows (but may show both Windows & WindowsNoEditor folders).

Note: If only the folder named Windows is displayed, only the Engine.ini file under the Windows folder needs to be modified; if both Windows & WindowsNoEditor folders are displayed, the Engine.ini file under both folders need to be modified.

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