Render Queue

After setting image or video rendering parameters, you can click Render to export directly, or you can select "Add to Render Queue" for batch rendering.
The queue entry is in the upper right corner of the navigation bar, and you can open it at any time to see the entries in the render queue. When a small dot is displayed on the queue icon, it means that there is a "pending" entry in the queue.
Before using the queue rendering feature, it is recommended to save the current project.

Pending Jobs

When you click on the "Add to render queue" button, your image, panorama or video will be automatically added to the list of pending renders. You can filter to see the different types of entries, select all or some of them for rendering, or clear them from the queue.
At the bottom of the page, after setting the file storage path, clicking on the "Render" and the entries will start rendering in order. You can see the rendering progress of each job. The rendered entries are automatically placed in the "Finished" list.


In this page, you can view the completed entries in the rendering queue.
As with the Pending Render page, you can manage the entries. Right-click to open the menu, open the folder to view the file, or re-add the rendered entry to the pending render queue to render it again.