How to set section/render section diagram?

Section tool

Includes two section tools, section plane and section tube, to view the internal structure of the model.

The "section tool" component can be added to the top bar when it is enabled in " Preference - widget".


  1. Modelling data sync is not supported now;

  2. Section effect in video mode is not supported now;

  3. For real-time efficiency reasons, the maximum number of section tools that can be used in the same scene is 10;

  4. When using the fill feature, please pay attention to the normal direction of the model faces. Please avoid incomplete model face boundaries, overlapping, staggered front and back faces, etc., which may cause incorrect filling effects.

  1. The fill parameter supports both single colour and texture fill. The texture fill can be customised and UV adjustment of the texture is supported.

  2. The fill feature is enabled, the rendered image can show the generated effect, but it does not support real-time preview. If you want to see the current fill effect, click "preview fill colour" button for real-time preview.

  1. Support section tool flip feature. For section tube, it supports outside sectioning, which can keep its internal model display and better show the internal structure and details of the model.

  1. Section provides options for whether it is affected by light and weather.

Camera clipping plane

The clip plane in D5 is a near-clip plane, and the clip plane is placed perpendicular to the line of sight of the lens. After setting the distance between the lens and the clip plane via the control, the scene between the clip plane and the lens will be invisible.

Note: Modelling data sync is not supported now.

Common issues

  1. How to make the section? How to use the section? The feature of the section tool?

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