How to achieve caustics effect

To use the caustics effect you need to turn on the "caustics" option in both Materials and Lights.

  • Among the materials, only the "Custom", "Transparent" and "Water" material templates currently support caustics; the Custom material supports reflective caustics; the Transparent and Water materials support both reflective and refractive caustics;

  • Among the lights, only 4 basic light sources support caustics

The morphology of the caustics spot is affected by the model's bump variations as well as the normal texture map, which can be adjusted with the intensity and softness parameters.


  1. The caustics effect on transparent materials is not compatible with their individual UV and triplanar effects.

  2. Currently supports up to 64 light sources at the same time with the caustics effect on.

  3. The caustics effect increases the rendering performance overhead, so please choose and adjust it according to the actual need when using it.

Don't know how to use caustics? Hope the video tutorials will help you.

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