How to view and upgrade graphics card driver?

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Graphics card driver updates usually fix certain bugs or optimize certain algorithms for the hardware. Keeping your graphics card drivers up to date to ensure maximum performance can prevent D5 Renderer from flashing, crashing, etc. due to low driver versions.

View Graphics Card Driver

1. Click on the ? next to the version number in the lower left corner of the Welcome Page.

2. Type dxdiag in the search bar at the bottom of your computer desktop, press enter to run it, and then click Display.

Upgrade the Graphics Card Driver

Manually search for drivers:

  1. According to your specific hardware configuration, please select the appropriate graphics card driver. You can find multiple versions of the graphics card driver on the official NVIDIA website, allowing you to download the corresponding version.

  2. Double-click the downloaded driver to install it.

  3. Retain the default directory, click ok, and wait until the decompression is complete.

  4. Select Install "NVIDIA Graphics Driver ", click “Agree and continue”

  5. Select ‘‘Custom’’, click ‘‘Next’’

  6. Click ‘‘Perform Clean Installation’’, click Next

  7. After the installation is complete, restart the PC

Note: During the installation process, it is normal that the monitor may uninterruptedly experience several black screens or changes in display size.

Graphics card driver with known issues:


  1. 526.47: can cause your D5 file to fail to open or your computer to crash when placing lights; recommend replacing with another normal driver version.

  2. windows10 1909 and below systems and newer graphics card driver versions: can cause D5 to flash/not run properly. Recommend updating your system minor version to 21H2 and above.


  1. Adrenalin 22.10.3: will cause D5 to flash/not run properly.


1. Why does it say "known problem with graphics driver"?

Recommendation: Update the driver to a newer version.

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