.3dm files can be imported into D5 Render directly, while D5 Converter-Rhino helps you to achieve real-time synchronization between Rhino and D5.

One-click to launch D5 Render in Rhino

  • Import the new models into D5 Render to start real-time rendering
  • When a model file needs to be modified during rendering, start sync to create a connection with the original model or replace it with the new model

Model/Material/Scene Sync

  • After the current model has been edited in Rhino, quickly sync the new model and materials to D5 Render by the Sync button, while keeping the materials and scene parameters that had been adjusted in D5 Render
    • Support the mapping of PBR materials for Rhino7
    • Support the mapping of basic materials for Rhino6
    • Support the sync of VisualARQ data
  • Support the sync of all scenes from NamedView

View Sync

  • Keep the views of Rhino and D5 Render consistent when syncing
  • Support one-click to turn view sync on or off

Light Sync

  • Support the sync of Spotlight, Point light, Rectangular light, and Linear light.

Supported versions

Rhino 6.1 and above