How to generate a vine with one click?

Procedurally-generated Vines

Added Procedurally-generated Vines in Model>Nature>Vine, including Boston Ivy, Climbing Rose, Chestnut Vine and more. After downloading the material, drag the corresponding asset into the scene. Place the blue ray detection lever perpendicular to the model surface until the blue leaf decal appears on the model surface, then it enters the generatable state. At this time, click the Generate button on the right sidebar, and the vines can be attached to the model surface for parametric growth.

Parameter adjustment

Procedurally-generated Vines supports custom adjustment of size, leaf density, leaf random rotation angle, length, width and leaf colour parameters.

Energy Saving Mode

After turning on Energy Saving Mode, it will automatically increase the generation step size of Procedurally-generated Vines, the larger the step size, the lower the precision of the vine model and the smoother the real-time operation.


  1. When the blue lever is too far away from the model, it is impossible to detect the rays successfully.

  2. Procedurally-generated Vines do not support duplication.

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