Which folder are assets saved in? How to move them to another path?

Which folder are assets saved in?

  1. Downloaded assets are saved in the "installation directory \d5_immerse\content" directory by default.

  2. If there has been a migration of assets, you can find the path to the migrated files in the menu bar - Preference in the upper left corner of the software, under the folder "D5 WorkSpace\content" in the selected folder.

How to migrate the assets from the installation directory to another location?

In the ''Menu'' > ''Preference'' settings, you can set the storage location of the assets.

It supports setting up all the assets from Online Library, Local Library, and customising the storage location for HDR / LUT / IES files and some temporary files.

  • Current Location: the location where current assets are stored, if there is no change, it will be under the installation path of the software by default.

  • Change Location: Select a new storage location and migrate existing assets. Migration will take some time, please be patient if there are many local resources.

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