What are the material tools? What are they used for?


Duplicate the currently selected material parameters and assign them to other model surfaces.

Add to local

Add the currently selected material to the local library. You can find the saved material in the "Material" drop-down menu in the "Library" > "Local" tab of the navigation bar.

Batch import PBR texture

In the texture editing panel, click the "Import" button, you can select multiple PBR textures in the folder with one click to import them automatically.

The PBR material system contains two sets of workflows, the metallic/roughness system and the specularity/glossiness system, which D5 supports belongs to the metallic/roughness workflow. The texture imported by the user should conform to the suffix naming rules of this workflow in order to correctly identify the material effect.


Restores the material parameters to their initial state (the parameters that existed when the project file was just opened or when the material was assigned to the model surface).

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