What is the difference between different preview qualities?

Preview quality is the quality of the live preview in the current window. The different quality represents the result of the current temporary rendering and is not equal to the quality of the official rendering. In the official rendering, the quality is always the best result, independent of this preview quality.

Preview quality

Preview result


The best result is achieved in Precise quality, which ensures that the rendering results are consistent with the preview screen. The corresponding shortcut key is F1.


When previewing in real time, some of the effects are weakened or not shown. Click on the preview to get the real physical result. Corresponds to the shortcut key F2.

  • For RTX graphics cards, it is recommended to select "Precise Quality" for a better experience.

  • When the image quality is "Smooth", clicking "Render Preview" or pressing F12 will temporarily render the current image to get an effect close to the final rendering quality.

Common issues

Why doesn't the object show a projection when previewing?

When the preview quality is smooth, part of the effect will be weakened or not displayed. When the preview quality is in precise mode, you can get the best preview effect.

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