Update | D5 Live Sync for 3D MAX beta

Key words: Import model | File format | Workflow


Release date: 20240425


  1. Supports 3ds Max 2025.

  2. Supports livesync of light sources.

  3. Added version update prompt in the Settings.

  4. Added custom texture resolutions in the Settings.


  1. Enhanced the efficiency of material updates when livesync is enabled.

  2. Optimized lighting synchronization logic: Grouping and renaming lights in D5 are now unaffected by subsequent updates (requires D5 2.7).


  1. Fixed the occasional crashes occurring during scene synchronization.


Release date: 20240109


  1. Occasional crashes for 3ds Max during sync

  2. Occasional failure to pick up materials for some models sync

  3. Inconsistency between coordinate system conversion method and UI display in some cases

  4. Error popup when exporting .d5a thumbnail

  5. Too light text for light mode UI


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