How to use the D5 Showreel platform?

About D5 Showreel

After logging in to MySpace with your Teams account, you can see Project Hub in the top-right menu. Click on it to access the D5 Showreel platform where you can manage the cloud projects of your team. A cloud project contains all the sharable content including virtual tours, comments, images and videos.

Create a Cloud Project

Currently, you can create cloud projects in D5 Render or on D5 Showreel.

  1. Create in D5 Render

  • Click on Comments → Bind a Cloud Project → Create a Cloud Project

  • Publish a Virtual Tour to D5 Cloud → Bind a Cloud Project → Create a Cloud Project

  1. Create on D5 Showreel

  • Select Team Space (or Group Space) → Click "+ Create"

Delete a Cloud Project

  1. People with Delete operation permissions

  • Team Space: administrator, owner, project creator

  • Group Space: administrator, owner, project creator

  1. After deleting the cloud project, relevant data, including images, comments, virtual tours, etc., will be deleted as well.

  2. After successful deletion, the Cloud storage space occupied by the project will be released.

Create and Update Project Comments

  1. In Cloud Projects, you can see all the project comments created in D5 Render, reply to them, and create new ones.

  2. Any comments you post on D5 Showreel will be immediately reflected in D5 Render.

If your comments in the D5 software include anchors, the corresponding anchor information cannot be displayed on D5 Showreel.

Virtual Tour Management

1. Click on a project thumbnail to view the virtual tour in a new tab.

2. People with Delete operation permissions:

  • Those who upload virtual tours

  • Those who create cloud projects

3. Two methods to share virtual tours:

  • Link

  • QR Code Poster

4. If you need to make customized settings for a virtual tour (adding music, setting the opening animation, adding custom hotspots, etc.), click Edit to open the panorama editor.

Please note that virtual tours cannot be edited by different members simultaneously. When one person is editing the virtual tour, the project will be locked.

Panorama Editor

1. After uploading a virtual tour to D5 Showreel, you can make further editings to the virtual tour using D5 Panorama Editor.

2. Any member of the team can upload a virtual tour file to the corresponding cloud project. Please note that virtual tour cannot be edited by different members simultaneously. When one person is editing the virtual tour, the project will be locked.

Global Settings

Global settings affect the presentation of all panoramas in a virtual tour.

  1. Project information:

The project information contains the 'project name' and 'project introduction'. When visiting the virtual tour, viewers can check its detailed info in the upper left corner. For now, links cannot be added into the project introduction.

  1. Rotation setting:

When auto-rotation is enabled, you can set the 'Starting Delay' and 'Speed'.

  1. Music setting:

When 'Autoplay' is enabled, the virtual tour link you share will automatically play music upon opening. The tracks we provide on D5 Panorama Editor all have commercial licenses.

  1. Opening setting

When opening animation is enabled, an animation will automatically play when entering the first viewpoint of the virtual tour.

Camera Settings

Camera settings control the display of a single panorama. Different panoramas within a virtual tour can have independent camera settings.

  1. Field of View (FOV) Range:

Controls the adjustable FOV range and initial default values for the panorama.

  1. Rotatable direction:

Users have control to disable rotation of the panorama in a certain direction.

Hot Spot Setting

In Hotspot Settings, users can add customized hotspots to the scene, and the following types of hotspots are currently supported.

  1. Scene Hotspots:

Binds a panorama scene in the current roaming panorama sequence. Clicking on a hotspot of this type will jump to another panorama.

  1. Multimedia

Multimedia hotspots support editing a paragraph of rich text, and users can add images, videos and hyperlinks. Clicking on this type of hotspot will open a display popup window containing the rich text.

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