Change Log

2.1 Updates

New and improvements


  • Advanced Image Rendering
  • Advanced Video Rendering
  • VR beta
  • Stage Light
  • Color Grading


  • D5 GI takes a step further with global illumination accuracy
  • Orthographic view image rendering
  • Adjustable sunlight intensity in Geo & Sky


  • Auto-Save
  • Language Setting: English and Chinese
  • Direct import of SketchUp 2021 files
  • Adding d5a models grouped with lights to local library
  • Beginner's Guide
  • New shortcuts for switching render quality, display mode and navigation mode
  • LUT effect preview available on hover
  • Optional channel map rendering
  • Rendered files naming improved
  • Model/Material Selecting Tool improved
  • Animation camera curve improved
  • Display of system information


  • Enhanced Smoothness
  • Improved archive stability
  • Improved NAS I/O
  • Alert on insufficient capacity


  • Added Customizable Assets
    • Supported changing clothes for static Character models
    • Supported choosing lights on/off, driver, and car paint color for Vehicles
    • Supported scaling and other adjustable parameters for Particles
  • Added 2D Character assets
  • Supported filtering dynamic models
  • Supported Favorite for Particles
  • Supported Favorite and Recent for Brush, Eraser and Path
  • HD tags on high-poly assets
  • Optimized "Aligned to Terrain" to draw on any surface
  • Optimized Asset Library interaction
    • Recent list supports up to 60 records
    • Support category expanding/collapsing
    • Optimized page number position


  • Unable to select certain models after scaling or flipping
  • Some invalid shortcuts
  • Errors of some archived lighting
  • The update issue when assets are attached to main models
  • Unexpected orientation change of brushed vegetation when reopening the file
  • Grass material out of model
  • Loss of opacity map when a .d5a file is saved to local
  • A random bug that Asset Library needs redownloading after updating D5

2.0.0 Updates

New and improvements

  • Feature
    • Redesigned UI
    • A new Path Tool for Vegetation
    • Path Tool: moving characters and vehicles
    • Copy and paste maps among materials
    • Duplicate video clips
    • Video material up to 200 MB
    • Number of scenes up to 1000
    • Custom LUT/IES/HDR sorted by name
    • Optimized the camera movement when rendering videos, making it smooth and steady
    • Directly read Geo&Sky system parameters from SketchUp
    • A new tool to get scene resource data
    • Added download workflow plugins for Welcome page
    • Added download demo scenes for Welcome page
  • Rendering
    • Grass material
    • New element for the weather system: Clouds
    • New element for the weather system: Winds
    • Add a Temperature parameter for emissive materials
    • Supported up to 16K export for photos and panoramas
    • Added Channels for panoramas
    • Improved the accuracy of Fog effect
  • Efficiency
    • Supported FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) technology
    • Optimized the way files are saved and read
    • Material maps are compressed for a lower consumption of video memory
    • Static Mesh can be used to improve performance
    • Optimized the artificial light sources. Scenes with numerous lights shall no longer lag
    • Supported network driver storage
  • Assets
    • Supported Search and Favorite feature
    • Optimized categorization and added secondary category
    • New setting Preferences is added to migrate online and custom resources
    • Added animal models such as fish, birds, butterflies, cats and dogs
    • Added interior furniture and accessories
    • Added particle assets such as fountains, waterfall, smoke, fireflies, etc
    • Added Nature category including Low Poly Trees, dead trees and stumps, rocks and fallen leaves
    • Added outdoor models for architectural scenes
    • Optimize the movement and actions of character models


  • Fixed the bug that DOF effect appeared different in preview and render
  • Fixed the issue that Volume light displays incorrectly under Two-point perspective
  • Fixed the bug that glass makes the sun go low-resolution
  • Fixed the bug that geo&sky appears abnormally yellow
  • Fixed the shadow-disappearing issue for big scenes
  • Fixed the video flickering problem caused by small structures
  • Further fixed the problem that some archives failed to load
  • Fixed the bug that multi-selected models can not be filtered correctly
  • Fixed the bug that the light source did not change color with the color picker
  • Fixed the channels exporting failure when the mouse is in brush style
  • Fixed the shortcut key conflict that kept playing video
  • Fixed the crash issue due to unsuccessfully downloaded assets

1.9.1 Hotfix

  • Fixed the issue that some drs failed to load

1.9.0 Updates

New and improvements

  • Features
    • Added time and latitude/longitude control for Geo and Sky system
    • Press Z to quickly focus on the model
    • Extended Model Replacement feature to support replacing with models in Asset Library
    • Foliage Material template(Double Sided)
    • Supported Color adjustment for plant assets
    • Supported separate adjustment for Sky Light and Background Light Intensity
    • Added the Light Radius parameter for Point Light and Spotlight
    • Added mapping for Emissive Light Intensity
    • Added Transparent Material Channel Map for rendered images
    • HDRI automatically scales according to scene
  • Rendering
    • Optimized the emissive effect and improved the accuracy of irradiation
    • Optimized Water Material effect
    • Optimized the Fog reflection effect, added the Sunlight Tindal effect support for specular reflection
    • Added glass reflection to specular reflection in rendering results
    • Improved Low-quality effects in editing mode
  • Productivity
    • Press F11 to hide the Right-side Inspector panel in the window
    • Supported Shift shortcut to accelerate value change in the Mouse Drag Input Box
    • Supported RGB, HSV, and HEX modes, as well as an on-screen Color Picker for color controls
    • Supported multi-selection and group setting of IES files for Spotlight
    • Optimized HDR, LUT, IES file selection control
    • Supported separate settings in different scenes for LUT
    • Optimized the effect of Plant Brush and Scatter Tool
  • Assets
    • Added 412 Asian Plants


  • Fixed the crash caused by oversized HDR files
  • Fixed the Space key conflict in previewing videos and slowing down the playback speed
  • Fixed the missing light color parameter error caused by multi-selection of light sources
  • Fixed the issue of Shift key malfunctioning (unable to copy) after light source multi-selection
  • Fixed the failure of saving projects due to Light sources with a too big attenuation radius
  • Fixed the issue with HDR switching
  • Fixed the Depth of Field effect on transparent materials
  • Fixed the Fog glowed in low ambient light
  • Fixed the white edge on the glass in some output images
  • Fixed the issue of some plants disappeared in the reflection

1.8.1 Updates

New and Improvements

  • Supports .abc animation format import
  • New Scale Tool for models
  • Supports hue, saturation, brightness and contrast adjustment when editing Base Color
  • Input box supports mouse dragging and arrow keys for precise adjustment
  • Supports Brush in Recent Use of D5 Assets Library
  • Auto-generates model thumbnails for the Local Library
  • Remember whether to hide elements for each scene


  • Large Scene files failed be loaded after saved
  • Abnormal emissive effect
  • Render Queue saving error

1.8.0 Updates


  • Dynamic Particle Materials
  • Sun direction follows HDR
  • Multi-selected models can be aligned to the original modeling coordinates
  • Invisible in Raytracing option added for materials
  • AO Mapping of materials
  • Lens flare effects
  • Camera motion control
  • Camera Z-axis rotation
  • Model group support for video keyframes
  • d5a model group support for exporting and saving to local library
  • Different HDR settings for different scenes
  • Real-time toggle is available in different preview qualities
  • D5 Converter - SU/Revit/ArchiCAD supports light sync
  • D5 Converter - 3DS MAX supports live sync Beta
  • GI accuracy enhancement
  • Denoise enhancement in video rendering
  • Multiple reflections in video rendering
  • Optimization of fog parameters setting
  • Optimization of the plant brush tool
  • Optimization of plant collision
  • Significant improvement on rendering efficiency of large, plants-filled scenes
  • Adjusted menu bar
  • Adjusted some interface details


  • Undo and redo errors in list operations
  • Brightness range error for Spotlight IES
  • Normal map failure
  • Unexpected changes for seleced items in the resource list
  • Library list display failure
  • 4K monitor adaptation
  • D5 Converter - synchronization failure for large scene
  • Misaligned UV for Displacement material
  • Partial map missing for imported skp files

1.7.1 Updates


  • Window custom zoom
  • Assets library categories
  • HDR sampling optimization
  • Self-illumination effect
  • Fog Effect
  • Thumbnails of scenes display
  • Workflow sync plugins
    • Launch D5 Render from D5 Converters
    • Optimized the efficiency of synchronization
    • Sync scenes from SU/ArchiCAD/Revit


  • Bloom effect bug in output images

1.7.0 Updates


  • Render Queue (Images & Videos)
  • Video with multiple clips
  • Video Material
  • Workflow Plug-ins (SU direct link, Rhino direct import, REVIT direct link, ArchiCAD plug-in)
  • Scene Parameters Copy & Paste
  • 6 Orthogonal Views
  • Composition line feature


  • Curtain material effect optimization
  • Bloom effect optimization
  • Merging of 「create」and「open」 , allowing to create new empty scenes
  • New gizmo function to move by center
  • Added a new option to switch scene with camera only
  • Asset library loading speed optimization
  • 「My Assets」library supports file location management now
  • Added a new option of emissive lighting whether contributes to GI calculation
  • UI details optimization


  • Stuck at 0% when rendering images in two-point perspective
  • Failed to load materials when maximizing the asset library
  • Error in the wireframe mode of the top view for placing plant
  • Problems with self-illumination calculations

1.6.2 Updates

New features

  • Education Edition
  • Top view display mode (shortcut T)
  • Wireframe display mode
  • Multi selection function with the mouse (shortcut CTRL)
  • Search function in scene resource list
  • Character Motion Rate Matching Switch in Video
  • Light source keyframe switch in video
  • Video Timeline Zoom (ALT)
  • Alpha Channel Output


  • New filtered items for plants, people, etc.
  • Improved plant dispersal efficiency
  • Replaced the display of artificial light sources
  • Optimized the style of import resource list
  • Adjusted the model grouping rotation way
  • Optimized keyframe adsorption experience
  • Adjusted some UI details
  • Illumination no longer affects the axes
  • Optimized real-time transition experience
  • Increased video rendering speed
  • Improved stability


  • Errors in which model units are displayed inconsistently
  • Light source display error caused by Shift copy operation
  • Occasional crash in exporting panorama
  • Black block issue in material ID channel map
  • Renders with jaggies and black lines in two-point perspective mode
  • Custom size display error in exported images

1.6.1 Updates

New features
  • Scene resource list supports drag and drop sorting, filtering and multiple selections with shift key.
  • Added scatter tool function
  • Added material UV Triplanar repair function
  • Render: multiple bounces in reflection
  • Render: transparent shadows
  • Render: volumetric fog in reflection


  • Continuous placement of vegetation with support for random parameters
  • Shift + brush now can affect only the selected area
  • Added hotkey: shift to accelerate and spacebar to decelerate when moving
  • Added new gizmo function: moving in a plane
  • Improved efficiency of vegetation rendering
  • Enhanced displacement material effects
  • Auto pause rendering when idle
  • Adjusted camera moving damping


  • Key "WASD" not working occasionally
  • Failure to move the axes of large models
  • UI freezes occasionally
  • Material map location path is not remembered
  • Rendering failure occasionally
  • Artifacts of white edges on transparent object
  • Re-calibrated exposure of indoor and exterior lightings
  • Out of memory issues during reloading D5 scenes
  • Black screen issue when loading occasionally
  • Artifacts with the vegetation brush tool exceeding area boundaries
  • Enhanced stabilities

1.6.0 Updates

New features:
  • Keyframe animation
  • Dynamic models of people, cars, etc.
  • New Imported models management tray
  • New model reloading and replacing
  • D5 Passport login
  • Improved the performance of vegetation brush
  • Enhanced volumetric light effect
  • Simplified material templates


  • Axis display error on multiple selection

1.5.1 Updates


  • Real-time performance improves
  • GI calculation improves
  • Mirror reflection enhanced
  • Graphics card memory optimizes during image rendering
  • Support switching light sources during video editing
  • Light sources added high light intensity parameters
  • Optimized the rectangular light style and parameters
  • Stripe light remade
  • Support materials UV locking ratio
  • Preset initial viewing speed based on model size
  • Updating the exterior HDR environment mapping
  • Image and panoramic resolution increased to 8K
  • Thumbnails are automatically generated for materials saved in the library
  • Partial UI detail adjustment

1.5.0 Updates

###New features:
  • Added model library
  • 76 vegetation and ground assets
  • New tools of brush and eraser
  • 60 stone and ground materials


  • Added coordinates control for scene objects
  • Support multiselect and group in scene management tray
  • Optimized animation duration setting
  • Enhanced UI visual details
  • Support 2K animation
  • Improved animation quality by clear flickering and moire
  • Enhanced stability for 4K rendering under low video card memory condition
  • Automatically output stitched panorama


  • Fixed material picker's indication highlight problem
  • Fixed animation path errors
  • Fixed bugs and crashes

1.4.1 Updates

New features:

  • Camera clipping plane
  • Using lookup tables (LUTs) for color grading


  • Post processing parameters recover
  • Artificial light parameters adjustments
  • Auto-exposure improvements
  • Default tone-mapping adjustments
  • Emissive light quality enhancements
  • Global illumination quality enhancements
  • Glossy reflection enhancements


  • White mode effect
  • Volumetric light effect
  • UV mapping artifacts of .skp imported models
  • Displacement materials artifacts of .fbx imported models

1.4.0 Updates

Important Notice : The "Video Recording" beta function requires the graphics card driver to be updated to GeForce Game Ready 436.15 WHQL or higher, otherwise the program may be crashed or show other malfunctions during export.

New features:

  • Video recording(beta)
  • “Open recent” on welcome page to view project history
  • Press Ctrl for multiple selection in resource list
  • Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G to form light source and models into groups
  • Multiple selection of light source for batch adjustment
  • Option to top the material library


  • Rendering speed promotes 3 times
  • Support size adjustment of material library
  • HDR outdoor image by default
  • Adjustment to rotation axis
  • Save scene parameters
  • Partial UI details


  • No image at maximized program window
  • Program uninstall error
  • Error in importing .fbx file
  • Popup window sticking to the top; overlay display available
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