Apply for and set up a Teams account

Apply for and set up a Teams account

  1. Use or register a D5 account to apply for "D5 for Teams"

D5 user registration link:

  1. Send the email of your registered D5 account (for example, to the contact person. We will set this account as the owner of your team, create a subscription plan with your requested amount of seats, and notify you by email.

  2. Then you can log in to your D5 account (for example, on, and go to "My Space" on the upper right.

D5 My Space:

The account type should be "Team". Click the "Manage your team" button to access team settings and dashboards.

  1. Upon first entry to the Teams Account Settings, complete the team setup.

  • Naming:

  • More settings:

*Different team roles come with different levels of access permission. The team owner (e.g. can access all pages in teams settings and dashboards.

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