Edit Account Attributes

When the owner/admin members on a team do not need to use D5 Render(they might be IT personnel or do not take part in rendering), therefore not needing to be assigned an official seat, you can edit their D5 for Teams accounts to avoid taking up the official Teams seats.

In Account Attributes, you'll find two options:

  1. Editable

  • takes up an official seat on the team

  • supports logging into D5 Render and D5 Showreel platform with Teams credentials

  1. Manager-only

  • does not occupy an official seat and is not billed

  • does not support logging into D5 Render and D5 Showreel platform with team credentials

  • can access Teams backend system and invite members, if the account has the role of team administrator or owner

Changing account attributes is now supported only for the owner of the team.

  • You can switch an account from "Editable" to "Manager-only" and vice versa.

  • By default, when inviting other accounts to join the team, their account attributes are set to "Editable".

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