Invite Team Members

Invite by Email

  1. You can invite new members to join the team via email. On the Members panel, you can see the total number of seats in your current subscription plan and the number of members who have joined.


    Members: A D5 account that has joined the team is considered one member. The number of members cannot exceed the number of the seats.

    Seats: The number of accounts allowed to join the team according to your subscription plan

  1. After clicking on "Invite" and entering the invited member's account (email), an invitation email will be sent to the invited member's email. The member can join successfully by clicking "Accept" in the email.

    ● If the invitation information is entered incorrectly (e.g. wrong email address), you can cancel the invitation before it is accepted.

    ● If the invited member has not yet registered a D5 account, he/she will be given instructions on how to register for one after accepting the invitation.

    ● After a successful invitation, you'll receive a notification email at the email address that sent out the invitation.

Note: Newly joined users are assigned the default role of "Member" and do not have access to the Team settings and dashboard panel. If their role is changed to "Administrator", they will then have access to those settings.

  1. The following types of invitations are not supported for now:

  • Inviting a D5 account that has already joined another team.

  • Inviting a D5 account with an active "Pro Version" subscription.

*Please contact D5 staff at if you encounter any of the above issues.

Clicking "Invite" supports directly copying the invitation link. After the invited member clicks the invitation link and confirms it, they will automatically join the current team.

Invitation Done

After successfully joining a team, you can see the Team account from the login profile.

Note: Team and individual account data are not interoperable. (For example: You can only access data stored in your Teams Studio using your Team account)

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