Team Group Management

⚠ This particular feature is designed for teams seeking to secure seat licenses en masse and manage several groups on a separate basis. If you need to activate this feature, please contact our staff at

The activation of Group Management is recommended if your team has:

  • Groups working at different places that cannot deploy the same Local Area Network (LAN) server address

  • Groups responsible for individual projects that require prevention from cross-group visibility

For now, each team member has a team role such as Owner, Admin, or Member. When Group Management is enabled, members will have an additional group role.

  • A group has its own group Admins and group Members.

  • A team member can join multiple groups.

  • A group has its individual D5 Studio space, project library, and asset library.

*A team member could have a team role and a group role at the same time.

Create a Group

The Owner of a team could see the 'Group Management' panel after logging into the team management board.

Click on 'Create a Group' and fill in the necessary info to create a new group. Please note that only the team Owner could create or delete groups.

When a group is deleted, the following data stored in the D5 server would also be deleted:

  1. The Studio space

  2. The group project library

  3. The group asset library

Please note that deleting a group won't remove members from the team, but only from the group.

How to Invite Group Members

The Team Owner will automatically join the group after it's created. The Team Owner could remove him/herself from the group as well. Whether in the group or not, the Team Owner has full control over all groups, including inviting/removing members and setting group roles.

There are two ways to invite a group member:

  1. Inviting a team member into the group: The group admin or the Team Owner could directly add a team member into a group, without requiring the member's confirmation.

  2. Inviting a non-team member into the group: The group admin or the Team Owner could invite a person to join both the team and the group via link or email. The invited member has to confirm the invitation.

Generally speaking, the total number of group members should not exceed the team's available seats. At present, we do not support specifying invitation quotas for specific groups.

Group Roles

The Team Owner could set one or more administrators for a group.

Please note that

  1. When accepting an invitation from a group admin, the person will automatically join both the team and the group. However, when the invitation is from a team manager, the person will only join the team.

  2. A team member could be a group admin and a team admin at the same time.

  3. The team space and the group space are separate from each other.



  • Creat groups

  • Delete groups

  • Set group roles

  • All the management authorities of Group Admin

Group Admin

  • Visit the Team management board

  • Visit the 'Members' panel of the Team management board, but can't make any operations

  • Visit the 'Group Management' panel, which is only accessible to group admins and the Team Owner

  • Manage the group which the admin is appointed to

Group Member Management

  • Invite non-team members to join the team and the group

  • Invite team members to join the group

  • Remove members from the team and the group

  • Remove members only from the group

Group Resource Management

Visit and manage

  • Group library

  • Group Studio space

  • Group cloud projects

Group Member


  • Group library

  • Group Studio space

  • Group cloud projects

The accessibility of different panels of the team management board is as follows:

MembersGroupBilling & PlansTeam DetailsTeam LibraryCloud StorageTeam Report


Team Member

Team Admin

Group Member

Group Admin

✅ (Only able to edit the info of the admin's own group)

✅ (Access to view team info; editing not permitted)

How to Remove Group Members

There are two ways to remove group members.

  1. Remove from the group only: The member is still in the team, but can't access the group.

  2. Remove from the team: The member is removed from the team and all the groups.

How to Access Group Resources in D5 Render

Group members will see all the groups they have joined after logging into the Team account in D5 at the welcome page. Group members have to select the group they need to access the corresponding group resources. Upon the next login, the previously selected group will be chosen by default.

Please note that the Team Space is a default group available to every team member.

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