Online Assets

The Online Asset Library contains three categories: Model, Material, and Particle. All Assets are stored in the cloud and need to be downloaded before they can be used in a project.
The Cloud Assets are updated from time to time.
Assets are downloaded to the installation path by default, if you want to migrate to another directory, you can change it in the preferences.


  • Plants: used as a single model into the scene, or you can use the plant tool to draw in bulk in the scene. Most of the models follow the wind movement system to simulate the dynamic effect of plants, and a few are 2D models that always face the camera screen.
  • Characters and Vehicles: most of them are 3D dynamic models, which show their movements when the picture quality is switched to real time, or when they are in video mode and given key frames. A few are 2D models, always facing the camera screen, to meet the needs of the basic map.
  • Decals:decal assets are added, including road signs, damaged walls, water stains, graffiti and other types. Download decals from "Assets Library" - "Model" - "Decals", and they can be placed on any model surface in a scene. The decal supports modifying the size, including the plane size of the decal itself and the influence range of the projection. The projection direction of the decal defaults to the positive X-axis direction. Objects within the bounding box of the decal will be affected by its projection. The material of the decal can be edited: after placing the decal assets in the scene, edit the decal material on the right sidebar.


D5 Render's material library provides excellent quality PBR material presets that can be used after clicking on them to download.
Materials are categorized according to common usage, click on a preset material under a different category, wait for the download to complete, select the material, mouse over the material you need to replace in the scene, and click the mouse again to replace it.
For the preset materials in the material library, custom editing are supported. In the "Other" category of the material library, there are some commonly used basic materials that can be used as base templates for some special materials for quick editing.


The particles are dynamic models, including flames, fountains, falling leaves, etc. and are used in exactly the same way as the model Assets.


Search Assets

The Asset Library supports search, just enter the name of the model you need to find. When searching, the default search range is all categories, you can click into different categories to narrow down the search range.


After applying the selected asset to a scene, the asset will appear in the "Recent" list. The list supports up to 60 records.


For frequently used assets, you can Favorite them by clicking on the "red heart" in the upper right corner. The Favorite feature requires login so that you use the Assets in the "Favorites" list when logged in from another device.