AI Atmosphere Match

  • Supports AI generation of the overall atmosphere for your scene by clicking on the AI Atmosphere Match button in the upper right corner of the right sidebar, and uploading a reference image to match the current scene viewport.

  • This contains all the parameters of the D5 environment panel, including weather, and the sky effect will be achieved based on the effect of the reference image either by matching it with the Geo&Sky or selecting an appropriate HDRI.

  • Undo supported by Ctrl+Z.

It integrates lightweight convolutional neural networks for feature element identification, and generates corresponding post parameters based on comparative learning algorithms for embedding spatial mapping of elemental features of reference maps and target post parameters. At the same time, the neural network color transfer algorithm based on adaptive color space is used to carry out automated non-linear color mapping, in pursuit of the accuracy of style transfer.


  • It is recommended that you choose a scene/view with a high percentage of sky for the best results.

  • The application time is related to the network connection, so please wait patiently if necessary.

  • The AI Atmosphere Match algorithm has been optimized for more precise results with better local and global matching capabilities. You can fine-tune the Environment and Effect parameters to achieve the desired result.

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