How to use AI Ultra HD Texture?

Integrates AI Super Resolution to create ultra high-definition textures.

  • Added 'Ultra HD Texture' in the AI section near the base color map slot. Ultra HD Texture will automatically activate Super Resolution to quadruple the perimeter of the texture and apply it to the model surface for preview. Click the 'Confirm' button and the texture will be settled. Click the 'Cancel' button to undo the operation.

  • Ultra HD Texture can upgrade the texture resolution up to 4K to reduce noise and imperfections of low-resolution textures while preserving high-frequency texture details.


  • A Base Color Map is required to activate this feature.

  • Materials in D5 Asset Library don't support this feature since they are already at high resolution.

  • Textures with the shortest side ≥2048 pixels or the longest side ≥4K don't support this feature.

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