Object List

Object List

The models, lights, particles and other resources placed in the scene are displayed in the list, and support shortcut key operations.
Set the resource information in the list via the right-click menu option.

Lock and Unlock

Locked and unlocked are the two most commonly used states in the list. For models, they cannot be selected in the scene after locking and cannot be moved, rotated, scaled, etc. They can only be saved to the Local Asset Library, exported or updated and replaced after being selected in the list.
After locking the model, you can use the mouse to directly select the material for editing, instead of using the "Material Picker".
After unlocking the model, you can make adjustments to the model in the scene. To select the material of the model, use the "Material Picker" tool.

Multiple selection and Grouping

In the list, use the Ctrl key or the Shift key to multi-select entries in the list. In a scene, use the Ctrl key to click on a different model or light source to achieve multiple selection, or hold Ctrl and drag the mouse to select multiple objects. Use Ctrl + G to group them.
When multiple selections or groups of entries are of different types, they can be moved and rotated together. When multiple selections or groups of entries are of the same kind (e.g., 5 spotlight sources are selected at the same time), the parameters can be adjusted at the same time.
The elements in the list support free dragging and sorting. You can first create groups according to certain rules and then drag models into them.
Double-click in the scene to directly select the elements in the group for editing.
You can create a new group by right-clicking on a blank space in the list. The group structure supports up to 3 levels of nesting.
You can use the filter function of the list to display different categories of models in the scene, such as vegetation, characters, vehicles or imported models separately. After filtering, only the filtered categories can be selected in the main scene, other category models cannot be selected.
Search for entries in the list based on keywords and the search results will be highlighted.
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