Scene List

Create New Scene

In the scene list, you can click the "Add Scene" button to save the view in the current screen, or you can use the shortcut keys Alt + V
When a scene is created, both the exterior lighting information of the current scene and the color and effects information in post are recorded. That is, each different scene can correspond to different parameters.
Animation tabs created in SketchUp are automatically added to D5's scene list when you create a project by "Open" it.

Scene shot setup

When multiple shots are saved in the scene list, we can click one of them to switch shots. You can also click the "Rename", "Update Scene" and "Delete" buttons adjust the currently saved "shot".
Transition animation is used to set whether the transition animation is displayed while the camera is switching.
When Cameras Switch Only is on, the last adjusted exterior and post parameters are always applied when the camera is switched. When the camera is switching, D5 reads the camera position information of the target scene and the current lighting and post parameters.
Copy / Paste Parameter Feature: It will take the environment and post parameters from the scene and apply them to a different scene. After copying and clicking paste, the parameters are immediately applied.

Update scene shots

Scene shots will record the environment, post, and the current object's hidden state information when created. When the environment and post parameters are modified, the parameters need to be updated.
A purple dot indicating that it has been successfully updated.